Animal mind reading and communication in general

This art of communication is an exchange between man and animal on the telepathic level. Through the mutual sending and receiving of information, feelings, perceptions and impressions on both sides creates a conversation. Telepathy is being translated to a distance in the case of animal communication, it declared itself as an empathy with the animal.

Body Scan

The body scan is a mental scan of the body of the horse pain and energy blockages are simulated. The body scan helps to identify the causes of pain.

Animal instinct

The instinct of an animal by animal communication can not be changed and thus remains a cat stays a hunter, a herding dog a guardian and a horse is a prey animal.

About Ilka

Born in Lüneburg -  north germany and living in a village near Lüneburg. I´m able to read their animals minds since my childhood.

Since 2004 I practice animal communication for clients. A lot of animal lovers have a deep feeling and connection with their animals and if you share your life with horses or other animals you know this feeling too I´m sure.

Animal communication

My art of work with horses is based by an telepathic way of communication. It´s the language from soul to soul that native people all over the world use to get in contact with every living beeing.

How does it work?

The basement is sending and receiving thoughts, images and emotions with animals by an mentally way. At this kind of communication I do not read body language or make guesses based on their behavior. I just become quite, set my focus on them and talk to them in a quite way. To find out what they need and want to tell me or their owner or rider.

How I work

I like to be direktly in touch with the animals and being around the horses in their stable in the paddock or on their fields. I look them in the eyes becourse the eyes are the gates of their soul for me. I ask them questions what their humans want to know about them and then they answer me so I can translate it to the people around. For me is importand that the person who like to ask the horse questions is involved in this communication.

Try to imagine

Animals are masters at telepathy communication. They talk to each other and they talk to us humans if we dare to listen. If we become quite, stop talking and listen to them, we can learn to see the world through their eyes and understand their behavior and needs better.


For me is important that you get a new view to your horse and you will get more loyality back from your mate.

With the bodyscan I work together with vets and make out the roots of diseases.

Aggressiv and unsure, instable or scared horses.

I do pimp horses for championships by an healthy way.

Get answers like

Why is it aggressive?

Why scared?

Are we able to change problems?

How can we change it?

Can I help the horse in it´s training?

What does it need at championships to feel more comfortable, and run faster or jump higher?

What else to expect?

The translation is a benefit for the people and also for the horses.

It means that for example the translation incluedes for the horses that they do better understand what their humans wants from them.

The body scans feels what the horses feel. It´s a surching for the reasons of  physical blockades in their bodies. And in germany it is close exchange with vets, horse-dentists and chiropractors.


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